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See What the Lord is Doing Through Shield of Faith Ministries

Bishop Thomas visits Kisii Kenya and meets with Pastor Isaiah Kengo who he has ordained, delivered his Bachelor's degree from the New Jersey Institute of Theology, welcomed him into the Shield of Faith Ministries family. Pastor Isaiah runs  and  a church and an orphanage for children with AIDS.

Bishop Thomas has brought supplies for the members and children including food, beds, blankets and eye glasses. And mosquito nets donated by Bishop Elroy Benn. Along with teaching and ordaining and training leaders for the work of training the people. All done with the power of the Lord and many of donors like you.


Fellow Saints: 


In May, we will be going on a mission trip where I will join with other pastors and ministry lead who will accompany for SOFBN Outreach & Relief in the villages near Nairobi, Kenya. We are running a multifaceted program that includes spiritual outreach to the unsaved, teaching to young and untrained ministers, and basic care needs (food and clothing) for children, and to bring better health and care to THE CHILDREN’S AIDS ORPHANAGE that we sponsor. While we have volunteers that are planning to participate on this project; We need your help so we can be a substantial blessing to this impoverished region.

Sometimes we get used to our comfortable standard of living and forget that the majority of people in the world have such basic needs still unmet. I’m sure that participating in this mission project will have a positive long-term effect on you who support us.

I’m sending you this letter as a request for your support in two areas. First of all, I’m asking for you to pray for me - that my attitude and service will be pleasing to God and sensitive to the people and the culture of Kenya. Secondly, we am asking for your financial support as a sponsor. We are seeking to raise $5000 to pay for supplies to the orphans and biblical materials for the young untrained ministers, as well as, our food, insurance, housing and transportation.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.
$1,000 - $100 - $50 or even $10 will go to young untrained ministers and orphans with AIDs

For Every Donation of $50 you will receive a signed copy of my newest Book!


Become a SOFBN Partner

and Help Minister to the World

Help Kenyan Young Ministers & AIDS Orphans


You can mail your donation and make out your check to:

Shield of Faith Broadcasting Network

53 Harvey Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306

We are a registered 501 (C3) non-profit organization. Your gifts are tax deductible

Please continue to pray for me during this trip and upon my return. Of course we will be eager to share with you the events from the trip and how our life has been affected. Thanks for being part of my missionary team!

Let’s Work Together

53 Harvey Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07306

Tel: +1 201-428-8650

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